Troubleshooting A Broken Garage Door

There are many causes for a garage door that isn't functioning properly. Inspecting the garage door for yourself is a good first step to take before calling in a professional. Here are some of the things you should troubleshoot if your garage door isn't working. 

The Track is Mangled

Even small ripples in the track can cause your garage door to not close properly. This is one thing that you can maintain on a regular basis to prevent issues. Use a rubber hammer to gently tap any spots that are bent, so that the door can flow smoothly over the track. You might consider using a lubricant as well, such as graphite powder, to help the door roll more smoothly. 

Problems with the Photo Eye

One problem that can arise is that your photo eye isn't receiving a signal from the garage door. The beam between the photo eyes tells the system when the door is open or closed, and when the photo eyes are broken or dirty, the system may not get signaled properly. Be sure to keep the photo eyes clean and have them inspected if you think they are broken. 

The Wall Transmitter is Dead

When you're troubleshooting a broken garage door, one of the first things you may do is replace the batteries in your remote. But this only solves half of the problem, since some people forget to replace the batteries in the wall receiver too. Make sure that the power is working on your wall transmitter; your model may have an LED light to indicate that it's working. 

The Programming is Off

With programmable garage doors, there are a number of settings that you can choose that may make your garage door function erratically. For instance, your close limit settings can be responsible for a garage door that closes and then comes right back up. Read your owner's manual carefully to solve any unwanted behavior from your garage door. 

Most of these problems are easy to correct, but when in doubt, look for an experienced garage door repair specialist to provide maintenance or replacement. There are many moving parts to a modern garage door, to the point where having regular maintenance checkups can be a good idea to keep all of the parts working smoothly. And replacement on a regular basis is a great idea too, since there are often new updates on storm-proof and attractive materials for garage doors. 

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