Which Locksmith Should I Choose For My Home?

With something as important as your home security system, it's important to choose the most qualified technicians. Not all locksmiths bring the same level of skill and expertise to the table, and as an amateur you may have trouble distinguishing the best contractors. Here are some things to look for in excellent locksmith services.

Convenient Location

One thing to look at is the location of your locksmith. Depending on the fee structure of your contractor, the distance may affect your final cost in many ways. For instance, the locksmith may charge by hour for driving time, or charge a flat fee for mileage. Some locksmiths also have a set coverage area, and if you fall outside of the coverage area you may pay a flat fee for travel. 

Variety of Experience

Another thing to look at is the amount of experience your locksmith has. For starters, think about the types of locks you wish to install and see if your contractor has solid experience working with them. While most lock companies will have expertise in mechanical locks such as knob locks and deadlocks, you may also want to consider a company that can install quality electronic locking systems. 

Good Insurance Coverage

Locksmith services should be able to ensure you a high level of service with guarantees for any problems that you have. A lock that's installed incorrectly can become a big liability; you will be left exposed to intruders until the lock can be fixed. Ask your locksmith about their policies on turnaround time for replacing faulty locks, and see if they have insurance to cover any damages done during the job (such as damage to the door frame). 

Upfront Fees

Finally, you may want to take a look at the upfront fees to make sure that you're getting a solid estimate. Be sure that you have your locksmith company give you a written and signed estimate that details the final bill; this will help you make an informed decision from the beginning. Make sure to discuss the policies of your company for additional services; you can ask to have them put it in writing if the scope of the job changes. 

In short, there are many things to look at besides the initial quote to determine the best locksmith for you. Aside from these tangible qualities, look for someone that you feel will provide safe and reliable in-home service. Contact a business, such as A-Dave's Lock & Safe, for more information.   

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